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Title: The Ambulance Manufacturing Industry in North America

Publication Date: November 2008

The upfit manufacture of ambulances in North America is a challenging and differentiated endeavor, due to the need to incorporate numerous medical and complex life support components. These components must be fitted into a limited space on a light- or medium-duty van truck/body, and in turn must meet all necessary safety requirements...
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Title: Rescue, HazMat & Decontamination Truck Body & Trailer Manufacturing in North America

Publication Date: January 2012

Manufacturers of the emergency response equipment examined in this report—rescue bodies, hazardous material (HazMat) bodies, and decontamination bodies—are dominated by fire apparatus manufacturers. The industry is large in terms of number of industry participants, with numerous small, regional companies competing with large national manufacturers…...
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Title: Fire Apparatus Manufacturing Industry in North America

Publication Date: July 2017




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