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Bus Seat Manufacturing in North America

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Size, Trends, Growth, Outlook & Competitive Structure Underlying the Manufacture and Market for Bus Seats

This project provides a quantification and analysis of the business of manufacturing passenger bus seats in North America. Production of seats for school buses, transit buses, shuttle buses, private buses and intercity motorcoaches are included; however driver/operator seats are excluded.

The bus seat manufacturing business is concentrated in a handful of manufacturers. These companies supply seats to all bus manufacturing locations across the United States and Canada. Manufacture and sale of bus seats is mostly a domestic activity, as U.S. bus seat manufacturers aim to keep domestic content high so their customers remain eligible for funding through the Buy America Act provisions. Part of North American demand for seats is met from production in Mexico, supplied either through a United States distribution partner or direct. Sales opportunities beyond North America are limited, as seats are too bulky a product to be suitable for export.

The segment has witnessed consolidation of market share through two routes—acquisition of stand-alone companies and product mix extension through joint ventures and distribution agreements.

The various categories of bus seats—school bus, transit, small and mid-size shuttle and motorcoach—have distinct requirements, and manufacturing processes for these categories are significantly different. Manufacturers who have attempted to branch out into an additional seating category have realized that inventory, specification and customization requirements are different, and most often, successful participation in more than one type requires segregated manufacturing facilities.

These and other topics are the subject of this publication from (“STN”). The report can be put to immediate use for sales and market planning, M&A identification, competitive share analysis, alliances and technology transfer considerations.

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