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Lowbed/Heavy-Haul Trailer and Oilfield Float Manufacturing in North America

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This report examines the business of lowbed/heavy-haul trailer and oilfield float manufacture in North America. Lowbed trailers, also known as lowboy trailers, feature an extra-strong frame with an open deck very low to the ground. They have a lower center of gravity as compared to standard platform trailers, resulting in added stability for heavier and taller equipment. These trailers are designed for carrying extremely heavy, tall or bulky cargo, and are used in oilfields, mining, construction and other industries requiring the transportation of heavy equipment. Lowbed trailers also include Schnabel trailers used to transport wind turbine towers by the wind energy segment.

Lowbed trailers include single drop, double-drop and extendable trailers with fixed necks, detachable goosenecks and folding/scissor-necks. Oilfield floats are a relatively small product segment within the category. These units are characterized by being fitted with pick-up throats, tail rollers, and either folding or no landing gear. Oilfield floats bridge the gap between flatbed and lowbed trailers.

The North American lowbed/heavy-haul trailer industry is highly fragmented, with a large number of small, regionally focused players. The regional manufacturers compete successfully mainly because of product customization and transportation costs. Lowbed trailer manufacturing has relatively low barriers to entry, especially for standardized units.

STN identified seventy-three manufacturers of lowbed trailers and oilfield floats in North America in 2012, and has presented estimates of 2012 production/sales in units and at market values, as well as an overview of the broad competitive picture—including standings of key manufacturers—and the demand outlook for the industry through 2017.

These and other topics are the subject of this report from (“STN”). The report can be put to immediate use for sales and market planning, M&A identification, competitive share analysis, alliances and technology transfer considerations.

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