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Bus and Coach Manufacturing in North America

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Size, segmentation, competition, growth and trends underlying the manufacture and marketing of buses and coaches in North America


Buses are one of the most cost-effective means of public transport. Though the recessionary conditions over the last two years have impacted ridership negatively, the outlook for this industry remains positive.

The public transit segment did not experience significant turmoil in 2009, as manufacturers continued to report healthy order book positions powered by the funding received by transit agencies from the stimulus provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. 2010, however, has been a difficult year, as stimulus funds have dried up, and production numbers reported by transit bus manufacturers indicate a drop over 2009.

The expectation is that this segment will experience resurgence in demand in the next two years, driven by well-established funding programs for bus purchases, growing urgency in fleet replacement requirements as buses reach the end of their useful lives, and an increase in long-term mass transit requirements with growing public transit usage.

The story for the school bus segment, the largest segment within the bus manufacturing industry, has been quite the opposite. With school bus purchases dependent on municipal taxes, this segment experienced significant shrinkage in the period 2006 to 2009.  However, school bus production has recovered sharply in 2010, with manufacturers reporting a healthy growth in production and sales.

The transit bus industry serves as an important entry point for new advanced vehicle technologies, especially those that require major changes, such as new refueling infrastructure. Hybrid buses, CNG, and biodiesel fueled buses (buses powered other than by diesel and gasoline) make up nearly 30% of all transit buses on the road today.

These and other issues are the subject of this succinct report from (“STN”).

This report can be put to immediate use for sales and market planning, M&A identification, competitive share analysis, alliances and technology transfer considerations.

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