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Vocational Truck/Body Industry in North America

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Size, Trends, Growth, Outlook & Competitive Structure Underlying the Manufacture and Market for Truck Bodies that Determine the Final Use/Application of the Vehicle

2016 - 2020 Outlook

380+ fabricators/suppliers of key types of truck bodies aggregated into an analytical framework to define and segment a $7+ Billion industry.

The manufacture of a custom truck in North America is a multi-faceted process involving not only the truck/chassis manufacturer but also numerous body fabricators, equipment manufacturers and distributors that “upfit” the vehicle for its final vocational use. Whereas truck/chassis producers comprise only a handful of well-known large cap brand names, the body fabrication and installation side is a highly fragmented business with numerous players, ranging from small local/regional shops to national companies with multi-plant presence. Even though this industry is vital in defining the final vehicle received by the end-user, body fabrication has always been relegated to a lower echelon, in relation to the interest and coverage given to chassis and component suppliers.

Yet these groups (chassis and component suppliers) are highly dependent on the body builder. The final end-use customer judges the entire vehicle by its brand and plate names, and many may not even be aware of the juxtaposition of chassis, component, body builders and upfitters in bringing the whole vehicle to fruition.

This is an extensive project requiring expert analysis and familiarity with the industry and its dynamics. No one has attempted to portray the truck body fabrication industry in its entirety in units and dollars, most likely because there are only about ten large fabricators with revenues in excess of $100 million, but at least 370 smaller players. Close to 70% of all manufacturers generate less than $10 million annually from vocational truck body sales. However small manufacturers are an important part of the industry, catering to regional demand and custom requirements of small fleets.

By looking at this project from a “ground-up” examination of each manufacturer’s activity, (“STN”) has developed its own independent estimates of the North American market. STN estimates that 380+ identified manufacturers in the U.S. + Canada produced 314,200 bodies in 2015 for truck mounting across 13 selected vocational applications, with a production value of $7 billion at approximate distributor prices.

After high growth rates in 2014 and 2015 that were a catch-up to pent-up demand from recession years, growth has slowed in 2016. In the long-term, the outlook for the industry is quite positive, given the revolution taking place in all aspects of freight transportation, from technology to the rapid increase in e­commerce.

This project is delivered in four parts:

Part I. Executive Summary provides an overall “birds-eye” view of the 13 vocational truck/body segments
Part II. Executive Analysis
provides a detailed analysis of each body type and sub-type
Part III. Company Profiles profiles 383 manufacturers of vocational truck bodies, outlining manufacturer niches and specializations, strengths/weaknesses, new products and overall strategies
Part IV. Database/Directory provides a directory of manufacturers of the 13 categories of truck bodies covered by this research, with units and sales of each company in an invaluable contact matrix on key executives. An Excel spreadsheet of this database is available with this purchase, upon request.

(Each of these parts is also available separately.)

The 13 segments examined in this extensive analysis are as follows:

Van Bodies - Parcel Delivery, Dry Freight, Refrigerated/Insulated, Walk‑in/Stepvan, Walk-in/Cutaway, Curtainside
2. Refuse Bodies - Rear Loaders, Front Loaders, Manual/Automated Side Loaders, Cable Hoists, Hooklifts, Container Handling Equipment, Grapple Trucks
3. Service/Utility/Crane Truck Bodies
4. Concrete Mixers & Pumps - Rear & Front Discharge Concrete Mixers, Volumetric Mixers, Concrete Pumps
5. Vacuum Bodies  - Sewer Cleaners, Hydro Excavators, Vacuum Loaders, Portable Restrooms, Septic Tanks, Vacuum Tanks
6. Wreckers & Carriers
7. Dump Bodies
8. Tank Bodies – Dry/Liquid - Bulk Feed, Aviation Refuelers, LPG Bobtails, Petroleum Tanks, Water Tanks
9. Truck-Mounted Street Sweepers - Mechanical Broom, Vacuum, Regenerative Air
10. Truck-Mounted Pothole Patchers
11. Beverage and Vending Bodies
12. Grain Truck Bodies
13. Chipper Truck Bodies

Reports covering each of the above segments are also available separately. Click on the title(s) of interest for more information on the individual segment studies.

Abbreviated Standard Table of Contents for Analysis of Each Segment

Scope & Methodology
  Product Types
  Market Size Estimates: Units & Dollars 2015
  Market Shares: Competitive Analysis in Units & Dollars
      Manufacturers by Type
      Market Shares: All Products
      Market Shares by Product Type
      Market Shares by Chassis Type
  Market Analysis
      Average Prices & Cost Structure
      Distribution Channels
  Production by Region
  Market Dynamics & Demand Factors
  Outlook & Forecasts - 2016 - 2020
  Key Manufacturer Data
  Company Profiles


  • Size of market in units and dollars
  • Product type/application and segmentation—materials used, design type, truck chassis class/weight
  • Competitive analysis includes shares in units and dollars, regional breakdowns by manufacturer plant location(s)
  • Market outlook and overview on where each application is headed and specific breakout of demand factors
  • Company profiles outline manufacturer niches and specializations, strengths/weaknesses, new products and overall strategy
    • Fragmented industry with numerous specialist players serving regional areas
    • Manufacturers ranked by each product category
    • Few companies manufacture all product categories across the board; many are specialists in just one or two equipment areas
    • Industry is therefore right for consolidation through acquisitions for both product line expansion and for geographic market penetration
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