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Vocational Truck/Body Industry in North America: Executive Analysis

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Size, Trends, Growth, Outlook & Competitive Structure Underlying the Manufacture and Market for Truck Bodies that Determine the Final Use/Application of the Vehicle

Part II: Executive Analysis of the Industry

Vocational Truck/Body Industry in North America provides data and analysis on 13 key applications in truck body fabrication. It is presented in four parts: Part I: Executive SummaryPart II: Executive Analysis of the Industry; Part III: Company Profiles; and Part IV: Directory/Database.

In addition to being offered as a complete four-part study, this project is available by individual segment. This segment, Part II: Executive Analysis of the Industry, provides a detailed analysis of each of 13 vocational truck/body segments (listed below in descending order of dollar sales).

Also available are Part I: Executive Summary, providing an overall “birds-eye” view of the 13 vocational truck/body segments; Part III: Company Profiles, profiling 383 manufacturers of vocational truck bodies, outlining manufacturer niches and specializations, strengths/weaknesses, new products and overall strategies; and Part IV: Directory/Database, providing a directory of manufacturers of the 13 categories of truck bodies covered by this research, with units and sales of each company in an invaluable contact matrix on key executives.

Separate reports are also available on each of the 13 individual segments.

  1. Van Bodies – parcel delivery vans, dry-freight vans, refrigerated/insulated, walk-in/stepvan, walk-in/cutaway and curtainside vans
  2. Refuse Bodiesfront loaders, automated side loaders, manual side loaders and recyclers, and rear loaders
  3. Service/Utility/Crane Bodies – service, utility and mechanic service (crane) bodies
  4. Concrete Mixers & Pumps – front discharge and rear discharge mixers, volumetric mixers and concrete boom pumps
  5. Vacuum Bodies – hydro excavators, vacuum loaders, portable toilet units, sewer cleaners, coded vacuum tanks, septic/non-coded tanks
  6. Wreckers and Carriers
  7. Dump Bodies
  8. Tank Bodies – bulk feed tanks, aviation refuelers, LPG bobtails, refined fuel tanks, water tanks and sewer jetters
  9. Sweepers – street and parking lot sweepers (mechanical, regenerative air and vacuum)
  10. Pothole Patchers – hot mix asphalt patchers and spray injection patchers
  11. Beverage Bodies – beverage and vending truck/bodies
  12. Grain Bodies
  13. Chipper Bodies

For more information on the Vocational Truck/Body Industry in North America project, click here.

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