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Worldwide Manufacture of Aircraft Deicers

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Size, segmentation, competition, growth and trends underlying the manufacture and market of aircraft deicers worldwide


Airport ground management during the winter in regions which experience winter precipitation in the form of snow, sleet or freezing rain necessitates the use of a range of equipment to ensure runways remain open and aircraft are able to land and take-off safely. Aircraft deicers are a part of the airport ground support equipment industry—snow removal/deicing equipment for aircraft and runways.

Aircraft deicers are used to spray deicing fluid on to the frame of an aircraft frame to remove snow and/or ice which may have accumulated on the aircraft surface. The process of deicing refers to the removal of existing snow, ice or frost from a surface; while anti-icing is a process in which chemicals are applied to a surface to form a layer which retards the buildup of snow or ice on the same surface.

Aircraft deicers perform both functions and are equipped with one, two or three tanks which carry either pre-mixed deicing fluid or pure glycol and water which can be mixed by the operator depending on the prevailing weather conditions.

Main challenges faced by airport equipment operators in the deicing process are the cost of deicing fluid and the mitigation of the environmental impact of the deicing operation. Recent trends show a growing number of airports leaning towards on-site or off-site glycol recovery/recycling systems.

This report is a first ever attempt to cohesively research, analyze and put into a structured format, “who is who” in the business of manufacturing aircraft deicers on an international basis. The study analyzes product characteristics which include segment size, both in terms of sales by value and sales by volume, equipment capabilities, and future product outlook including key product/technological innovation.

These and other aspects of this analysis are highlighted in this succinct, pioneering report from This report can be put to immediate use for sales and market planning, M&A identification, competitive share analysis, alliances and technology transfer considerations.

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