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Road Construction Equipment in North America: Road Maintenance Equipment

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Market Size, Shares, Segmentation, Competitors, Growth, Channels, & Trends Underlying the Manufacture and Markets for Road Maintenance Equipment

This report includes market size and shares, broken out by type, for several categories of road maintenance equipment:

  • Hot-mix and spray injection pothole patchers
  • Road wideners, used for placing aggregate or asphalt in shoulder paving and pavement widening projects
  • Asphalt microsurfacing/slurry seal equipment to extend the life of the pavement by laying a mixture of asphalt emulsion and other materials on existing pavement
  • Crack cleaning and sealing equipment to prevent intrusion of water and incompressible material into cracks in the pavement, and to reinforce the adjacent pavement
  • Asphalt recyclers/reclaimers and infrared heaters, equipment used for cost-effective patching of small areas of cracked, aged and deteriorated roads

In addition to market size and market share estimates, key aspects detailed in this report include demand factors, trends and outlook for each segment, and profiles of the 40 manufacturers supplying road maintenance equipment into the U.S. and Canadian markets.

This report is part of a multi-client project on road construction equipment that seeks to address the needs of clients from a variety of segments, ranging from construction equipment manufacturers and large highway construction contractors to small road maintenance contractors—who are likely to be well-versed on the subject—to private equity firms and management analysts that need to understand the market from an outsider standpoint with no prior knowledge.

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