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World Civil Aircraft Manufacture

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Size, segmentation, competition, growth and trends underlying the worldwide manufacture and market for civil aircraft


Civil aircraft are classified as commercial aircraft or general aviation aircraft; commercial aircraft are airplanes used by airlines which provide scheduled services. This segment is further segregated into two sub-categories: regional aircraft and large civil aircraft, with aircraft range and passenger-carrying capacity being the primary differentiating factors. General aviation includes all civil aircraft outside of those used for providing scheduled services. Such aircraft range from two-seat aircraft used for pilot training to those with capabilities of undertaking intercontinental flights. More than two-thirds of total hours flown by general aviation aircraft are for business purposes.

This report analyzes in detail, market size, segments and the competitive landscape in world civil aircraft manufacture, broken out by seat capacity by aircraft model for each manufacturer. The report goes beyond data, analysis and market estimates available in the public domain, to bring together the entire expanse of civil aircraft manufacture—ranging from the 37-seat turboprop regional aircraft to the 124-seat regional jet, the narrow-body large civil aircraft to the wide-body 525-seat airliner, and the 4-seat general aviation aircraft to the luxury large corporate airliner. All civil aircraft manufacturers have been analyzed and profiled, including upcoming manufacturers in China, Japan and the Russian Federation.

The study discusses key issues impacting worldwide manufacture of civil aircraft, including growing use of composites in aircraft construction, new product launches, the “China Factor”—as both a market and a manufacturing base for aircraft components and aircraft, trends in aircraft passenger carrying capacity, etc.

The study also includes STN expectations of market demand for a twenty-year time horizon, as well as likely production numbers in the next five years, based on OEM announcements on production increases, scheduled entry into service of new aircraft and STN’s estimates of demand and market movement. (STN) is a market research company whose reports provide in-depth, hard to obtain information on production and market shares on specialized vehicles and other transportation-related segments. This report on world aircraft manufacture provides detailed information on this industry, with information by aircraft model on production, market share, range, etc.

STN’s studies have been put to use throughout the industry for market planning, acquisitions/mergers, bank debt/equity submissions, and for developing strategic and competitive direction.

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